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Big Picture – Resources – Insights and Tools to Manage Vital Resource Aspects in Times of Crisis

Insights and Tools to Manage Vital Resource Aspects in Times of Crisis


Team leaders and leaders


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Module I The Big Basics

  • Values – reassessment of guiding principles – through change,
  • Time – essential differences and essential logistics
  • Opportunities – the 95/5 rule

Module II – Resource Scoping

  • Scoping Tool WoW
  • Using Porter’s Five Forces Model
  • Redefining Critical Success Factors and what they mean for Change incl. Business models
  • Sun Tzu – „The line between order and disorder lies in logistics“

Module III – Situational Leadership

  • Resource Self – Persistence, Focus, Adaptability
  • Resource Team/People – Strengths, scopes, needs
  • Resource Clients – serving demand


Before the training participants will receive an invitation to share their needs and expectations of the training so that realtime needs can be addressed in the sessions. Information detailing the set up, the  methodology and what to expect will be exchanged prior to the first module.


Incorporating input, interactive exchange, breakout rooms for pair or group work, self-assessment tools, relevant templates, use of Mentimeter for rapid exchange. Incorporating integration relevance to own workplace.


Overview of and insight into crucial concepts and tools to navigate through times of crisis and living with uncertainty. The training modules incorporate elements from training in communication, change and leadership skills and  Louai Al Roumani’s recently published „Lessons from a Warzone...“

3 x 90 minutes